swimfassst logoThe ironman, Craig Riddington, has invented a device which could make you a much better swimmer. We've tried it, and it makes us better.

SwimFasst is designed to help you grab and pull more effectively through the water, with better body position.

But enough of us, listen to what Riddo says...

swimfasstRead what one swimmer has to say after an initial Swimfassst coaching session with Craig Riddington...

It was the best 30 minute coaching session I've ever had! The before and after effect from Swimfassst was remarkable and something, to be honest, I did not expect. Your coaching and translation was also a key factor in this. I've been trying for years (I'm a slow learner) to get the hand elbow forearm alignment and positioning right for the catch and pull. This actually does it! I'm looking forward to more practise and getting some muscle memory going. And helping my breast stroke will be an added bonus."

Peter Joseph

You can buy Craig Riddington's SwimFassst directly from Craig. You can buy the device by itself, or better still, buy a package with the device and two lessons with Craig himself. Best to have a starter lesson, then use the SwimFasst for a few weeks, then come back for a follow up. that way, you'll get most value from it.

To find out more and, if you like, buy Craig Riddington's SwimFassst... Click here

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