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Autumn perfection, except for the sun

The preso of South Curl Curl SLSC made reference in his pre-swim briefing to the weather, and the fact that this autumn swim often faces less than ideal conditions. Indeed, two years previously, we stood on the beach watching pretty well perfect conditions, only to be hit by a southerly change as the first wave made its way through the break. Thereafter, it was a dead difficult swim into the swell and the chop and the stiff breeze -- nay, a wind -- till rounding the point into Freshwater.

That's the risk you take at this time of year: in summer, if the weather deteriorates, generally it's still warm. But in autumn -- late autumn by now -- it's cool, maybe even cold. This swim day wasn't cold, but it was a little wet at the start. Lucky we all were there to get even wet anyway.

But the glory was the ocean. Sydney's sea temp doesn't really cool until late June or July. On South Curly swim day, it was, the preso said, around 23C. It was. It also was clear, and until sFukers-logo21hortly before swim start, it was smooth. Just before the start, a light breeze arose, chopping the water up ever so slightly. But with the swell from the nor'-east, it wasn't a problem. After rounding the booee off the point off Freshwater, especially, the swell was running behind us, and that reach was a delight.

Even better, it was dry at the finish, with hardly any breeze, which meant the walk back to South Curly for the day's highlight was pleasant and comfy.

And what was the highlight? That's them above... The Fukers -- The Freshwater Ukelele Ensemble, led by King Fuke. We know punters who turn up at South Curly not to swim -- they don't swim -- but just for The Fukers. They have a fanatical following.

Random punters en route to Freshwater...



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