August 27, 2019

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Two views of Bongin Bongin Bay, on Sydney's northern beaches, two days apart, the image below from August 27, the lower from August 24. No two swims are ever the same. Images by staff snapper, David Helsham (@glistenrr).

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Swims coming up...

It's brisk right now, around the early morning swim circuit. But not without beauty. Image by David Helsham (@glistenrr)

Hervey Bay, and whales, this weekend...

This is a quick newsletter to let you know about the Hervey Bay swim in Queensland this weekend. We're travelling on oceanswimsafaris just now, en route between San Sebastián and the Catalan/Spanish Costa Brava, and we have a few minutes whilst waiting for a flight...

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Hervey Bay this weekend, and a rare opportunity in Strã’a to combine an ocean swim with a swim with humpback whales. Hervey Bay is one of the only places where it’s possible to get into the water with these wonderful animals, which we know very well from our regular oceanswimsafaris to Tonga. Mind you, we don’t know the individual, particular whales that gather in Hervey Bay. But we’re probably only one or two degrees of separation from them, on the grounds that they all go back to Antarctica for the summer and they’d all know each other down there.

That’s by the by. Hervey Bay awgies tell us today…

hervey bay slsc logoWeather this weekend is looking great in Hervey Bay for this years swim and for those visiting make sure you take the time to book a swim with the Whales when you are with us. The Whales have been amazing this year.

  • Swimmers we will have live music on the deck Saturday afternoon from 4 - 7 and you will get a great pizza across the road to help with crab loading!
  • Swimmers please note Rego is open from 7 am till 9 am at the Hervey Bay Surf Life Saving Club.

All race briefings will be on the deck at the Hervey Bay Surf Life Saving Club at 7.30am–8.30am-9.15am

Race Starting Times

  • 1km walk up the beach from club for an 8am start
  • 500 walk up the beach for an 8.45am start
  • P2P Urangan Pier swimmers to the Pier at 9.45am for check in for 10 am start

Online entries close at 5pm, Friday, August 30, 2019. Note, this is earlier than most swims online. Don’t be caught short.

Find out more and enter online… Click here

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2020 oceanswimsafaris

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We have packages online already for oceanswimsafaris in 2020, including the Coromandel in New Zealand (Mar 12-16), Sulawesi in Indonesia (June 23-July 1), and The Philippines (June 12-30).

Our two oceanswimsafaris to French Polynesia in 2020 are full, we're sorry. But you can lodge a fully refundable advance deposit for 2021 if you like, to make sure you don't miss out then.

Our dates are pretty well set in 2020 for our two oceanswimsafaris in Spain -- San Sebastián (August 25-31) (that's a quiet moment on La Concha in San Sebastián, above), and the Costa Brava (September 4-12), although we still have a couple more ts to cross before final confirmation of both. Again, you can lodge advance deposits to secure your spots, in anticipation of the release of final packages.

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Mana Fiji SwimFest

Mana extends 30% discount

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mana fiji logo 19 250We've had our strongest ever response to this year's Mana Fiji SwimFest, with more swimmers than ever signing up to take part in the original Fiji ocean swim festival. So pleasing has been the response that our hosts, Mana Island Resort, has extended till August 31 its offer of a 30 per cent discount (off wholesale rates) to those who book through After then, there still will be a 20 per cent discount on offer through swim day on October 17.

Good to hear that Can Too, the organisation that has, almost certainly, brought more people into ocean swimming than any other single institution, appears to have filled its program leading up to the 10km swim at Mana Island. We understand there are 25 Can Too swimmers who've taken up the challenge of training for their first 10km event. It will be good to have them all there with us in October.

We'll also have a strong contingent from the open water squad run by the Grimsey brothers in Brisbane.

Trent Grimsey, the record holder for the English Channel, and his brother, Ridge, will be attending the Mana Fiji SwimFest and will lead morning swims and run a swim clinic on Friday morning for those who book through

Even if you aren't part of these squads, don't let that put you off. The Mana Fiji SwimFest is open to all swimmers. You don't have to be part of any particular group, such as Can Too or Grimsey's Adult SwimFit. 

And if you don't feel you're up to 10km, don't let that put you off, either. There are four swim distances on offer over the week at Mana Island. The 10km swim includes both solos and relay teams of 3 x 3.3km. We put a lot of swimmers who arrive on Mana in teams so they can take part in this terrific swim. You don't need to be a 10km swimmer to take part in this swim.

The 10km runs on the Thursday, October 17. Then, on Saturday, October 19, there are three distances offered: 5km, 2.5km, and 1km. So there really is a distance for everyone.

Find out more about the Can Too 10km swim program... Click here

Find out more about Grimsey's Adult SwimFit... Click here

Find out more about the Mana Fiji SwimFest... Click here

Controversy Corner...

What do you reckon about any of this stuff? We received a lot of constructive feedback after last week's newsletter. Check it out... Click here

Let us know and we'll facilitate the debate... Click here

(See posts at the end of this newsletter.)

Swims open to online entry...

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Blast from the past: At, we're very proud of our fans, although it also must be said that we're very prouder of some than of others. Some of them go to all kinds of lengths to proclaim their support, such as Killer here, pictured at North Curl Curl a few years back. Killer, who lives in Murwillumbah, up on the Far North Coast of NSW, had his fandom stencilled on his back before leaving home (by adoring wife, Merryn), and when he rolled out of bed at a motel in Manly on swim day, he left his imprint on the sheets, as it were. Image by David Helsham (@glistenrr)


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  • Dave Dobeson Comment Link
    Dave Dobeson
    Tuesday, 19 November 2019 10:18
    Bilateral swimming is like a New Years' resolution; a great idea but unlikely to last to the first buoy in the Newport Swim.
    Every few years I make a concerted effort to not just look to my political left. In fact this year my bilateral efforts have greatly improved my swimming style. I roll symmetrically, my feet are higher in the water and together. No more scissor kicks. My stroke is longer and head down further, It feels great, BUT I just cannot keep going breathing every three strokes. Maybe if I started 60 years ago, I might have worked it out by now, but I think I'm running out of time.
    Its back to left breathing and a view out to NZ on south bound legs of Oceanswims.
    Dave D

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